Mark Haddon’s alteration from book to book

At first, Mark Haddon had only written children’s book While he was writing his first book “Gilbert’s Gobstopper”, he learnt to paint pictures for books, and illustrated his first book himself.
He didn’t read his book “A narrow escape for Princess Sharon” over again after he had written it. After a few years he read this book again and he was shocked because the illustration was so bad.
For his book “Gridzbi Spudvetch”, he engaged Mick Brownfield for illustrating the cover. But in the book itself weren’t any pictures. In the year 2002, he published his last children’s book called “The Ice Bear’s Cave”, then he begun to write novels and poetry.
Since then, he hasn’t published a new children’s book. Maybe, after his success with the novel “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” which was a book for adults and kids, he only wants to publish books for older people because his children’s book weren’t so successful.

(Rebecca & Carina)