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The Asperger Syndrome

The Asperger Syndrome (AS) is characterized by deficiencies in social and communication skills. It is a weaker form of Autism. Children can show this syndrome between the ages of three and five. Hans Asperger, an Austrian paediatrician, first discovered and described AS.

Typical symptoms:

The children need routines because they want to control their lives. They are bothered by unexpected situations.
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Many children donít want to make friends with people of their age. As adults they often want to have a relationship but donít have the necessary skills.
Their interests are restricted to some topics in which they are experts.
They can hardly be motivated for other subjects.
They avoid eye contact.
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They have difficulties understanding other peopleís facial expression and thus their emotions and they also have trouble showing their own feelings. It seems as if they canít show empathy with other people and might be seen as selfish.
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People with AS are afraid of being touched by others.
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Their language development is normal, although many AS children have a very pedantic and formal way of speaking.
Sometimes there is a slight delay in the development of fine motor skills.
They are oversensitive to sensory stimuli (e.g. noises, light) because their brain cannot react properly.
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They are able to perceive and remember many details which other people do not notice.
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→Christopher's behavioral problems summed up