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The autism

The autism is an interference of the development. It already appears in the early childhood.
Eugen Bleuler is the first person who has formed the word autism. He always used it for a basic symptom of schizophrenia.
The autism is divided into two categories: The Kanner- and the Asperger-Syndrome. „Syndrome“ means, that there are several symptoms in line, like hating to be touched, hitting other people, no smiling and prefering to be alone than to be with other people.
Lots of autistic children are high talented. Many mathematicians like Richard Borcheds, who is a professor at the University of California, are autistic. Most of them have got the Asperger-Syndrome, a more weakly kind of autism.
Unfortunately, the autism is uncurably.

In the background you can see a picture an autistic child could have drawn.

Do you want to know if you´re autistic? Here´s a test!

The sharpens of autism

(Lena, Leona, Carole & Amelie)