Mark Haddon was born in Northampton , in England in 1962.
1981 he began to study English at the Upingham School and changed in 1984 to the Merton College in Oxford, where he lives until today with his wife Sos Eltis. They have two sons, Zac and Alfie.
Haddon is a vegetarian and enjoys vegetarian cookery.
He describes himself as a 'hardline atheist'. Mark Haddon is an author, illustrator and screenwriter but his main subject is to be an author like he says about himself.
"He won many awards like the “Whitbread Prize” for “The curious incident of a dog at the night-time” which became the book of the year 2004.
It is said that Haddon wrote this book because in the past he had worked with autistic people who have the Asperger’s syndrome like Christopher Boone in his book.

(Merle & Sarah)