Mark Haddon’s books

Mark Haddon has written fourteen children’s books and he has illustrated the covers and pictures for a couple of them. The book collection “Baby Dinosaurs”, for example contains four storybooks about little dinosaurs and their experiences in the Garden, at the playground, at home and on vacation. He has also written four books about the adventures of “Agent Z”, for older children. He needed help for illustrating his books from Peter Sutton for “Ocean Star Express”, Martin Brown for “Titch Johnson”, Christian Birmingham for “The Sea of tranquillity” and David Axtell for “The ice bear’s cave”.

He has only sold about 17 copies of his children book “Gridzbi Spudvetch”, because the name of the book is so difficult and nobody can pronounce it.

Mark Haddon has also published a compilation with lots of poetries which are called “The talking horse and the sad girl and the village under the sea”.

He had success with his other books which are for grown-ups and children alike the novels “A spot of bother” and “The curious incident of the dog in the night time”, which was his most successful book until now. His last issued book is “A spot of bother”.

(Rebecca & Carina)