Fictive interview with Mark Haddon

Reporter: Now our live interview with Mark Haddon. Welcome to our radio-show. How are you?

Haddon: I’m fine, and what about you?

Reporter: Yes, I’m all right. Can we start the interview?

Haddon: Yes, sure.

Reporter: Okay, we start with your latest book “a curious incident of the dog in the night-time”. How did you get the idea to write a book with such a topic?

Haddon: It was quite easy. In the past I worked with some autistic people with the Asperger’s syndrome, like Christopher in my book.

Reporter: Actually I wondered how you could describe life with this illness so precisely.
The next question which was sent to me by a 17 years old girl from London is why did you suddenly begin writing books for adults because in the past, you had written only books for children.

Haddon: In former times I wrote books for children because I could illustrated them by myself and that made me happy. Then I searched for a new challenge just to prove myself that I’m able to write something demanding.

Reporter: You’ve got many fans who would like to contact you. Are there any possibilities to send you an e-mail or a letter?

Haddon: Yes of course, everyone can send an e-mail to me, but I will never read them because the kind people at Oxinet will print them out and feed them gleefully into a vast flaming pit.
I spend a lot of time answering letters. Some of them are very moving, some of them are barking mad. For the reason that I’m writing a new book, I haven’t so much time to answer every letter but I try to write back so many as I can.

Reporter: Yes, that’s understandable, but don’t you think it is quite rude not to answer the emails?
I think it’s not very nice that you don’t read the e-mails because writing an e-mail is so much easier than writing a letter.

Haddon: That’s right but if I read all the e-mails which were send to me I wouldn’t have any time for my-self.

Reporter: Do you have even enough time for yourself and your family if I you write so many books?

Haddon: Yes, certainly I have a lot of time for my family because my family is the most important part in my life.

Reporter: And now can you tell us something about your family?

Haddon: What can I say? I’m happily married with my wonderful wife Sos Elties and I’ve got two sons, Alfie and Zac.

Reporter: That was the interview. Thank you Mark.
And if our listeners have any more questions, they can meet you in the chat room on our homepage.

Haddon: Yes it’s right.

(Sarah & Merle)