Scene 1

Our first key scene begins at page 54 line 4 with the chat between Mrs. Alexander and Christopher, when he wanted to buy some sweets in the shop and he met Mrs. Alexander.
They talked a bit and then Mrs. Alexander told him that his mother had had an affair with Mr. Shears. Christopher just said he wanted to go and went home without feeling anything or reacting in any way.
We decided to write the scene from there on and to show how he would have reacted if he was a normal boy.

Quotation (page 60 line 11):

“And Mrs. Alexander said, “Your mother, before she died, was very good friends with Mr. Shears.”
And I said, “I know.”
And she said, “No, Christopher. I’m not sure that you do. I mean that they were very good friends. Very, very good friends.”
I thought about this for a while…”

…I more and more understood the meaning of what she was trying to say and it made me very sad and angry, because I couldn’t believe it. I had always trusted in what father told me about mother and now I didn’t know what to think anymore. I knew it was true what Mrs. Alexander had said but I didn’t want to realize it so I began to shout at her, ”Why do you tell such a stupid story about my mother? She didn’t leave me and father because of Mr. Shears. She would never have done something like that because she loved us but now she is dead and I think it’s not nice to talk like that about dead people.” Then I started to cry so I couldn’t talk anymore.
Mrs. Alexander looked very surprised about my reaction but then she came to me and gave me a hugh. She said, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t think you would take it so hard! I didn’t want to hurt you.”
And I answered,” Okay, but I have got to go now. I want to be on my own, please. But thanks for telling me the truth.”
I went home and when I saw father I ignored him and went directly in my room. Then I called my best friend to have someone to talk to and he came and brought some chocolate.
He stayed the whole night and we talked a lot and played some computer games. The next morning I felt much better and I was able to talk to father.