alternative endings of the four characters:

Alternative ending

… 3 weeks later.

Life goes on they said. It will be good, they said. I didn’t believe them, but they’re right.
Life goes on, very well I must say.
Cindy called me this morning. She wanted me to come around for tea. My little lovies will be there, too. I haven’t seen them for so long.
Three o’clock, she said. I need to get ready now. I take on my shoes, put on my jacked, get my keys and open the door.
It is rainy and very, very dusty. You just can’t see your hand in front of your face – damn!
I only need to walk a few blocks, just four I think.
I wrap my jacked around me and walk out of the street, between the parking cars, to look if someone or something comes along the street.
Nothing to hear, nothing to see – seems to be alright.
I walk a few steps, suddenly my feet are taken off the ground.
It gets dark…


Oh damn, it was such a big shock to read it in the newspaper. Man, Martin is dead.
Everyone of us thought, that when he died, he would do it on his own! But now?
This fucking busdriver did it.
Man, Martin was on the right way to manage his life. He deserved something different! Damn! I liked him…
But, well, something different has happened, too.
Oh no, don’t you think I have no emotions, but it’s really important to me.
Her name is Lui.
We met at one of these pubs. She was so beautiful, so damn cute.
She came to me, we talked an, well, next morning, I lied in her bed (but she was one of the first girl, who didn’t scream at me, like I’m a raper or something like that.
Since this night we met very often. She is so beautiful, so perfect. I think we’ve fallen in love.
Man, damn, I shouldn’t tell you that – embarrassing!
I shouldn’t tell you that, when a good friend has just died.


I don’t know, if I should tell you that, but I think, after everything you know now about me, you have the right to know it. He was a good man! God bless his soul.
I think you have already heard about Martin’s death.
Tragedy, I can tell you. In some way I really liked him.
The thing about JJ and his new girlfriend, well, what should I say? He is young, his problems didn’t last for long. He is happy now. Lucky guy.
Well, I haven’t heard from Jess for a long time. I don’t know Anything about her. I don’t think, she likes me. I can understand her. I’m old, I’m religious – not her type.
It’s okay, I’m used to. I hope she’ll find her way.
Oh, you still want the truth about me, right?…
Okay, well, Matty- he… died.
Two weeks ago I left him at the nursinghome for just one night. I only wanted to go to pater Williams for dinner.
He never came back from the nursinghome. He is dead.
They didn’t want to tell me how he died, they said I didn’t need to know.
I don’t know how my only son died – God, help!
It’s so hard! I never thought I would miss him that much!
But, thank God, there is pater Williams. He carries me through these dark times.
Such a gentleman…
I’m sorry, I shouldn’t talk this way.
I hope it will be alright someday.


I heard about this fucking shit, that happened to Martin. Damn, now he got faster to heaven, than he wanted!
I’m glad, I’m still alive!
Fuck, can you believe it? I found Jen!
She is alive! She is married and has got a child… my niece! She is called Jessica, like me!
Damn, I love Jen! I missed her so much! But now I found her and everything will be alright!
Damn – okay – Martin is dead, my parents hate me and Jen, because they must think we both are dead, but hey!…
Life still goes on! …

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