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Nick Hornby was born 17th April 1957 in Redhill, an suburb of London. He studied English in Cambridge and he is an English novelist. He is best known for the novels High Fidelity, About a Boy and for Fever Pitch. Hornby's first published book, 1992’s Fever Pitch, is an autobiographical story detailing his fanatical support for the Arsenal Football Club. Beside his books, Hornby also wrote for magazines such as “The Sunday Times”, “Time” and the “Independent” Today he also works as a pop music critic for “The New Yorker”. He is influenced by other novelists like Anne Tyler.
Hornby’s books are stamped by everyday situations, and also based on his own biography. He represents the point of view that people want to read about everyday situations. Hornby thinks that a book lacks something and is dishonest if the description of the everyday situations is taken from the book.


- (1992) Contemporary American Fiction
- (1992) Fever Pitch
- (1995) High Fidelity
- (1998) About a boy
- (2001) How to Be Good
- (2005) A Long Way Down
- (2007) Slam

The film rights of “A long Way down” were bought from Johnny Depp already before the publication of the novel



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