facts about suicide

Suicide is a deed which people do when they want to terminate their lives!
The average number of people who commit suicide in Germany is between 11.000 and 12.000.The second weighted reason for death by people between the age of 15 to 35 is suicide.
Probably every tenth suicide try is deathly.
The number of suicide tries by women is higher than by men, but the number of successful suicides by men is higher than by women.

The most reasons for suicide are mental illnesses but the problem is that the diagnosis mostly can only be told when the patient had a suicide try.
Often the patients suffer from depression, but affection of addiction plays an important role, too
The suicide actuate factor is often life crises for example break up from the partner, afraid of failure and the economic ruin.
But only in 5 to 10 per cent is that the reason for committing suicide.

Age-Suicide: Humans over 60 are the group where the different forms of committing suicidevaries .
A particular form is not to eat and drink anymore after a serious illness.
Depression as a cause for suicide is can be found in every age group .
For older people their life balance plays an important role to commit suicide. This is called balance suicide
Double-Suicide: A double suicide is for example a couple who sit in a car and have got a tube with emissions which is transferred into the car.
If one of the persons wants to open the door they can do it but mostly they die in the car.

Mass-Suicide: Mass suicide occurs when a number of people kill themselves together for the same reason.
Mass suicide sometimes occurs in religious or cultic settings. Also there are military mass-suicides, for example with suicide bombers, kamikazes or other suicide missions.
Suicide pacts are a form of mass suicide unconnected to cults or war that are sometimes planned or carried out by small groups of frustrated people, typically lovers. Mass suicides have been used as a form of political protest.

Religious Suicide
The bible doesn’t forbid suicide, and the catholic apprenticeship doesn’t comment suicide for a long time. At first the church father Augustinus (354-430) convicted suicide as something bad in his handiwork “de civitate dei”.
He thought, that the bid “you should not kill” is also true for yourself. Later on the church convicted suicide as a sin, they denied suicide victims any right of funeral at a “holy” churchyard.
A important argument against suicide was the reason, that life normally is owned by god

In Islam suicide is forbidden.
The religious traditions say that people who commit suicide will not come into paradise but will suffer imminent hellfire.
The Muslims have got the opinion that Allah is the maker the world therefore he gives life and takes it again .
To commit suicide is a big sin.

Criminal law

In Germany Suicide is an expression for the right of self-determination. There is no punishment ,especially if the suicide was successful.
Doctors for example can get a punishment, if they don’t try to reanimate the suicide patient.

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