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Interview with Nick Hornby 

Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby one of the best writers in Great Britain and we had the honour to do an interview with him.


Interviewer: Hello Mr.Hornby, we are very grateful to spend your time with our interview.

Hornby: Oh, no problem, it’s nice to talk about my work.

I: Ok, now here is my first question about the book `A long way down` : Why had you write about the theme suicide?

H: I think this theme is very important for everyone and we all should talk about this problem. There are lots of people, who want to kill themselves and they have nobody to talk about their problems with them.
They shall confront with the theme suicide.

I: Do you think that you have reach something with your book?

H: I think that I keep some people from doing to kill themselves.
After the announcement of my book `A long way down`, I get a few fan mail from people who read the book. They are very thankful that I could help them. One of my fans attract my attention that her problems are similar like Jess’s.

I: Why do you decide to take so different character’s, who shall solve their several problems together?

H: Oh, this is a good question. I choose these different persons, because all people with similar (situations) shall have the chance to talk about their problems to mutual.
JJ for example is someone who hadn’t a good start with his music career his band `Big Yellow` broke up and his girlfriend Lizzie dumped him, now he worked in a delivering Pizza.
Well, I think most of the people put oneself in JJ´s shoes, but not in JJ`s situation in the other three as well. And if they do that then maybe it helps for some people.

I: Which of the protagonist would you compare with yourself?

H: Probably with JJ. He is scared that he cannot create his own goal.
When I decide to write books and to take it to my job, I was not sure if this was a good idea. Everybody know when I begin to write my first book and demand a good book from me.

I: Therefore you take JJ in your example, you like it to speak about him.OK Mr.Hornby are you ready to my last question?

H: Puh, I’m very excited. Ok I think you can ask me your question.

I: Hehe ,now here is my last question about the book `A long way down` : Your four characters want to commit suicide they seemed appalling and funny like the character in your book `About a boy` there was a mother who was also appalling and funny and want to commit suicide.
Why do you take similar characters in your new book?

H: Yes, it’s right that there are similarities from `About a boy` and `A long way down`, but in my book ´About a boy` the main theme was about the boy who meet this cool guy, there was just a small part about his mother who wants to commit suicide. My new book `A long way down` is just about the theme suicide, in this book I want to write about this theme, because it’s important, you know?

I: Yes it is ,thank you very much for this interview Mr. Hornby.

H: You are welcome. ?





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