First name:                                Jess

Surname:                                    Crichton

Age:                                            18 years old

Job:                                         - drops out of school
                                                - no job

Outer appearance:               - modern

Characteristic:                      - says her opinion very directly without considering the others
                                                - aggressive
                                                - annoying
                                                - naive
                                                - sometimes helpful

Social position:                     high (rich father)

Status (family):                   single

Hobbies:                                      /

Relationship to the family:    - very bad
                                                    - often has arguments with her parents

Relationship to the group:      - hasn’t got any respect for the others
                                                     - is nice to Maureen

His/Her wish:                            - “I wish Jen would come back”
                                                     - to learn to play the piano

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