London is the capital of Great Britain and North-Ireland. There life 7.512.400 humans, 31 times more than in Krefeld . It is one of the most important cultural-, finance- and business centers in the world. There are a lot of contrasts in London, the old buildings and the new sights e.g. the London Eye. In this city there are the most sights of Great Britain.
Only in London there are 13 professional soccer clubs. These clubs have the name of the area where they are e.g. Arsenal, Chelsea and Fulham. London has a lot of universities and schools. The famous university is Oxford. Tony Blair attended Oxford.

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The traffic in London is different  to the one in Germany. The cars and buses drive on the left side, not on the right side. Furthermore the red bus is very famous.
Everyone in this world knows the Royal Family, Elizabeth II is the Queen of England. Since 1917 the Royal Family reigns over Great Britain. Today the family has an representative role but also a political one. Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister of Great Britain. The Royal Family consists of 12 members today.

The kitchen is very traditional in England. A very popular meal is the “meat and two veg” or “fish and chips”. The English people eat “meat and two veg” only on Sunday afternoon in restaurants or dinner shops. Furthermore Tea Time is very popular in Britain. The people drink coffee or tea and eat cakes in the afternoon.

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