Sightseeing in London

Tower of London The Tower of London was build in the Middle Ages and used as a royal residence, armory, prison, depository of the crown jewels and coin press. The Tower is a popular tourist attraction. The British crown jewels can be visited there, but also the buildings, a weapons collection and a rest of the city walls. In 1988 it was explained on account of his history to the world cultural heritage of the humanity of the Tower of London by the UNESCO.


Tower Bridge Exhibition Tower Bridge is one of the best known landmarks of London, or even of the world. Tower Bridge lies close to the Tower of London and arouses enthusiasm. As the only balance bridge, it attracts tourists and locals, the bridge is opened about 100 days a year. Tourists can walk on the 42-m-high footbridge and enjoy a spectacular panoramic look ofLondon there.


London Eye London Eye offers a breathtaking view of the world metropolis London. With a height of about 135 m it is one of the highest buildings in Europe nowadays. It has almost 32 completely glazed cabins, in which up to 25 persons find place. London Eye needs about 30 minutes for a rotation. It stands on the south shore of the Thames in the centre of London near Big Ben.


Parlament (Houses of Parliament)One of the most famous places of London is the monumental, neo-Gothic building on the shore of the river Thames: Houses of Parliament, which is also called Westminster Palace. It is the domicile of the British parliament. The British parliament is divided into two chambers: the House of Commons with representatives of the bourgeoisie and the House of Lords, the Upper House with members of the nobility. The building was built in the 11th century.

Big BenBig Ben  is one of the best known buildings in London. The big clock tower is visited by an amount of tourists every year. The imposing building is situated near Westminster Abbey and can be reached by passenger car as well as by the underground. Typically for Big Ben isthe carillon which sounds four times an hour.  Big Ben was already built in 1858.

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