Part 1

In the first part the characters Martin, Maureen, Jess and JJ meet each other on Topper´s House in London on New Year´s Eve. Everyone wants to jump from the roof. They tell each other why they want to jump except for JJ, he lies about his reason. Jess wants to jump because her boyfriend Chas broke up with her and he didn´t give her a reason for that. So the four decide to search for Chas. They find Chas on a party and he talks to Jess but she realizes that she doesn´t love Chas anymore. Now Jess is happy and the four go to Martin’s flat where Penny, Martin’s girlfriend is waiting. Martin and Penny have a conflict and Penny leaves the flat. Martin, Maureen, Jess and JJ are drinking a lot of alcohol and Maureen pukes on Martin’s floor. Then she realizes that she forgot her handbag on Topper´s House. The four go back to the roof and decide to come back on Valentine´s Day. Who wants to jump then can jump and nobody will stop him.

Part 2

The second part begins with the next day. Jess reads an article about her and Martin. It is about their suicide pact and Maureen and JJ are also mentioned. The four meet again at Maureen´s house and discuss the situation. Jess wants to earn money with the story but the others are against the idea. JJ gives her the phone number of a journalist and Jess phones her without the agreement of the others. The journalist wants to meet the four in a café and wants to interview them. Jess tells her that they have seen an angel and the article makes the four famous. They are invited to a TV talkshow. In the show Jess tells the talk master that they did not see an angel. So the “famous-time“ is over for the four. Now they do not know what to do and they decide to make holidays because Maureen´s last holidays were 19 years ago. They fly to Tenerife. Martin goes to another hotel because he gets in trouble with the others. Jess goes to a party and the police picks her up and brings her back to the hotel. JJ gets to know a woman and Maureen enjoys the time without Matty. Back in London, they decide to meet each other for breakfast every day. Martin does not think that this is a good idea but he agrees. On Valentine´s Day Martin, Maureen, Jess and JJ go back to Topper´s house and meet another man who wants to jump. They talk to him but he jumps and the four are shocked.

Part 3

In the third part Martin, Maureen, Jess and JJ go away from Topper´s House and meet each other at Starbucks the next day. Martin tells the others that he has read an article which has some information about suicide. Some days later Maureen and Jess get the idea to search for Cindy, Martin’s ex-wife, and they want recommend to her to come back to Martin. Cindy does not want to because she has a new boyfriend. Maureen and Jess tell Martin that they were at Cindy´s house and Martin is angry about that. He has an argument with Jess about that and it ends with telling each other their dreams and hopes. The next day Jess phones everybody and  invites each one to an intervention. This is a meeting where the four tell their family members that they need their help. Maureen makes friends with the two boys who look after Matty and they ask her to be a member of their quiz-club. Martin talks to Cindy and Penny. Jess and her parents argue and Jess runs away, on the street she gets to know “no-dog” and later they have sex. JJ talks  to his old friend Ed and his ex-girlfriend Lizz and they become good friends again.

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